Clinical Interview with Adults and Analysis Techniques Training.


2 Hours

Session Content

  • How is anamnesis taken?
  • What are the factors to be considered in the clinical interview environment?
  • Who should be present at the meeting?
  • What are the responsibilities of the client and the therapist in situations that require legal processes?
  • What is the informed consent form and how is it applied?
  • What are the most important points to be considered during the clinical interview?
  • How should neglect and abuse be managed?
  • How should the clinical interview be initiated and what are the important points to be considered when terminating?
  • What is the importance of transference and countertransference in therapy? How should it be controlled?
  • How should communication between the therapist, child and family be maintained?
  • What are the techniques used in the clinical interview?
  • How are clinical interview practices interpreted?
  • Awareness of situations that require support, children’s rights and legal responsibilities

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