Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Obsession is a repetitive and uncontrollable set of emotions, thoughts and beliefs that cause people to continue believing and organizing their behavior accordingly, although they know that they are unrealistic and unfounded.

Compulsion is behavioral rituals that are performed to control obsessional emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

People who try to cope with OCD constantly try to control their environment and try to reduce their anxiety. They engage in performing various rituals (providing symmetry, not touching the door handle, counting numbers, etc.) in order to cope with the negative emotions and thoughts circulating in their mind uncontrollably. These rituals can often reach the level that prevents people’s vital activities.

When working with OCD, analyzing emotion, thought and behavior rituals in the best way is a priority. The triggers of these thoughts are researched and studies are carried out to regain control of the emotions experienced by questioning whether they are based on real evidence. Various approaches can be used in the treatment of OCD. If you want to get support to develop skills to cope with obsessions and compulsions that differ from person to person, you can reach MOL Academy.