Anger Management/Violent Behaviors in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

Anger is one of all other emotions that exist in human beings. All emotions such as happiness, sadness and excitement are the emotions that are in the natural structure of the human and are necessary for self-expression and survival. Anger is an emotion that must be felt but difficult to control. The feeling of anger is inherent in human nature, but people learn how to exhibit angry behavior by watching authoritarian figures. Children develop by watching their parents and other carers. They monitor and imitate their behavior. So whatever you are doing when you are angry as a parent, your children will also prefer to act this way when they are angry. Because that’s what they learn from the primary and most trusted source. Children will always want more and push the limits for it. Anger plays an active role here. If anger is not managed properly, it may turn into more aggressive attitudes in the future. In the anger management session, a presentation will be made about the nature of anger and detailed information will be given to families on this issue. In the continuation of the education, solution strategies will be developed for the anger-based problems that families experience with their children.

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