Social/Relational Problems in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

We were all children and nobody came to the world as a mother or father. We have acquired these identities over time. Therefore, adopting these identities, learning about innovations and knowing how to deal with challenges has become one of the responsibilities of parents or prospective parents. Having a child, parenting, understanding or expressing yourself may not always be as easy as it seems. Children who are completely dependent on you and vulnerable when they are born will be much more demanding as they grow and develop, and they will constantly demand that you feed them physically and psychologically. So, are the psychological states of parents favorable to meet all these demands? These demands can sometimes be heavy for you in the chaos of life and external factors can become your family problem. In this session, it is aimed to investigate the causes of relational problems occurring in the triangle of mother, father and children and to find solutions for the problem. Studies will be carried out on permanent attitude changes by working on the problems that families experience.

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