Clement Parenting Stress Management in Parents.


2 Hours

Session Content

Each adult carries different characteristics. Every adult was once a child, and they also had parents to whom they were role models. No behavior is for no reason. It is possible to find the reference of every behavior in the development process. When the adults in question became parents, they started a new adventure. What kind of parents are you? Do you think you are missing? What are you able to catch up or not? Parenting is an art because you have created a work. As a parent, you may not be able to evaluate yourself objectively as a parent. Sometimes you may feel that you are completely out of control or that you can no longer manage the situation. All of these are the natural benefits of the process, but evaluating your attitudes as a parent and looking at the events through the eyes of the child will make your parenting skills much more effective. In this session, presentations and information will be given to families about child development stages and parental attitudes. During the session, family-specific evaluations will be made and permanent solution suggestions will be created about current problems.

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