Eating Disorder.

Eating disorders can basically be addressed at two points, such as trying to limit behaviors excessively or not setting limits. Here, uncontrollable emotions, thoughts and behaviors can reveal themselves with different symptoms or eating behavior rituals.

The point that should be especially emphasized in eating disorders is that people with eating disorders adopt eating as an alternative way to avoid mental and emotional problems and painful experiences in their lives. When control is lost, they may choose to eat to regain control.

Common symptoms seen in people with eating disorders can be listed as follows;

  • Eating uncontrollably
  • Negative beliefs about body perception
  • Disturbed sleep and food
  • Depressive affect
  • Feeling ugly / despicable

It is not easy to generalize about the symptoms. Because every psychological symptom may not be visible to everyone, different reactions may occur. The common opinion here is that people have an unusual and disturbing eating pattern.

People with an eating disorder can resort to therapy to break this cycle. In this process, people will have a lot of information about themselves.

A process where you can learn what are the triggers that push you so strongly to eat, what is the difference between emotional eating and eating for health, how to get rid of negative beliefs and thoughts, and how you can approach yourself more lovingly and compassionately by breaking negative beliefs about yourself is the ideal choice for one’s health. You can apply to MOL Academy for support on eating disorders.