Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder that has the power to affect people’s quality of life, energy levels, interpersonal relationships, beliefs about themselves, and many other factors. People with bipolar disorder experience bicuspid emotions. People who are manic depressed can have a completely different mood and way of life. In the manic period; they may have a structure that can take higher risks, need less sleep, feel energetic, and establish competitive relationships with the people around them. In the depressive period, on the contrary; It can turn into a low-energy structure that has difficulty getting out of bed, does not enjoy its activities and does not want to participate in activities, has high anxiety, and feels sad and unhappy.

In the treatment processes of people with bipolar disorder, studies are carried out to understand how often and how severe the affect is at these two extremes. Then, a road map is determined so that the person can regain control of these emotions. Compliance with the treatment plan created in this process is critical for the realization of the treatment. For detailed information, you can get support from MOL Academy.