Couple Counseling.

You do not need to wait for a problem in your relationship to apply for couple counseling. Counseling to be taken before the crisis occurs provides help in treating problems that may arise between couples in the future. Thanks to couple therapy, partners can understand the sources of conflicts between them, improve their communication skills and gain acquisition on how to find solutions to problems. The couple counseling is independent of the marital status, so there is no obligation to be married to get couple counseling.

The partners’ couple consultancy enables them to do the necessary work to strengthen the relations. Thanks to double counseling, you can quickly resolve your communication problems in particular. It can help you to make your relationship stronger in problem solving thanks to searches for useless solutions, critical language and solution suggestions to eliminate many more communication barriers.

Couple counseling is carried out with the participation of both partners. During the interviews, discussions are held both about why you need counseling and what you expect from the counseling process. The process is managed together and the necessary treatment plan is prepared and implemented.

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