Group Therapy.

Group therapy is an effective method that can be preferred for improving psychological problems. In the group therapy session, mental health professionals and other group therapy participants are available. The number of people is determined according to the content and dynamics of the group. As group therapies progress, individuals realize that the unique, painful or disturbing experiences they feel in themselves are not unique to themselves. They may have the opportunity to see how understandable and curable each other actually is. When a group that accepts each other realizes that they can relate, they begin to experience big and meaningful changes in their life psychologically. For this reason, the dynamics and strength of the therapy group directly affect the psychological treatment speed.

The content of the therapy groups may differ. But generally, the theme in group therapies can be anxiety, anger control, grief & loss, divorce, addiction, traumatic experiences. Any adult can apply to our therapy groups. Applications for group therapy are evaluated by us and the appropriate group and date are determined.

Individuals who continue their individual therapies may prefer to participate in group therapies simultaneously. The group therapy environment is actually like a sample of the outside world. Group therapy can be considered as a good controlled alternative to put the studies in individual therapy into practice. Therefore, individual therapy and group therapy can be continued simultaneously.

The high number of participants in group therapy creates an ideal ground for observing different perspectives and coping strategies. In this way, participants can actively interact with other members of their group and listen to many analyzes about themselves. Thus, they can make progress in discovering themselves.

We meet with our therapy groups once a week for a 2-hour session. You can contact us to get more detailed information about the therapy groups and their contents and to apply.