Psychological Resistance Development in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

The home is always safe. When we go out of the house, we are facing the real world. This situation is a little more complicated for children. Because children need to have a great variety of important and important experiences until they reach this awareness. As parents, you approach them as compassionate, understanding and accepting as possible. But not everyone in the circle of friends he enters may find them as sincere as you. There may be people they disagree with, cannot express themselves or refuse to communicate. In the adventure that continues from infancy to childhood and childhood to adolescence, each step will provide a new experience. Do you think your child will be able to deal with every challenge they face while gaining these experiences? Can they say “No” when necessary? Can they express themselves in the best way when they are in an environment where they are not familiar? Children with many psychological resistance skills such as asking for help when necessary, being able to empathize and being aware of their own emotions will experience much less problems in transition to social life. This session contains information on how children can acquire the skills we mentioned. At the same time, it is aimed to create specific solution suggestions about social or emotional problems experienced in the family and child.

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