Sleep Problem in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

Sleep is directly proportional to the relationship of trust. The higher the confidence, the more efficient and comfortable sleep. The formation of a sense of trust in children is very sensitive and can be destroyed in the slightest tremors in early childhood. Sleep is one of the basic needs. Recognizing the problems your child may encounter before, during or after sleep will provide you great advantages as a parent. In the child development phase, the need for autonomous space arises with the transition from infancy to childhood. The correct fulfillment of this need will increase your children’s confidence in themselves and you, and most importantly, will make a great contribution to the development of the “border” concept. This session contains information on how to create a sleep ritual in child development. It is a guide on what kind of roadmap you should follow to ensure that your children sleep alone in their own bed. The concept of limit is of great importance in your child’s characteristic development. During the training, it is aimed to create permanent solutions to problems that families have difficulty coping with.

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