Online Therapy.

The online therapy service, which has been applied in many countries of the world for a long time, has become more widespread and demanded after the COVID-19 epidemic, continues to spread in our country.

As MOL Academy, we continue to do our online consultancy provided that we adhere to the privacy rules and ethical principles.

Online therapy allows clients to continue their interviews and work with their therapists outside the clinic. Online therapy is a session where professionals who are experts in their fields meet with their clients on the internet and continue their work on topics that require psychological counseling and support. These sessions are organized as audio or video conferencing through various programs. Thanks to the mutual confidentiality agreement, the rights of both clients and therapists are protected.

Some files are sent to clients who want to receive online therapy before consultation. It is important that the information in these files is filled in completely and the confidentiality and ethical agreement is accepted by the client.

Online therapy will be an effective alternative for you if you are not counseled because of epidemic illnesses, having a one-to-one interview or in a position where you have difficulty reaching your therapist as a distance. You can apply to MOL Academy to get online therapy service.