Dealing With the Divorce and Separation in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

Two main pillars for children; mother and father. A fundamental problem can lead to serious jolts. Couples can have a disagreement and decide to divorce. Here, the child factor must be carefully treated. The child is not responsible for the problems in the romantic relationship and therefore the child should be the least damaged party. In the process of divorce of the mother and father, the responsibilities continue to their children. The responsibilities of the parents towards their children continue during the divorce process. Failure to manage a divorce in early childhood can lead to permanent psychological problems in children. After deciding to divorce, expert support should be obtained on how to manage the process. A detailed and reassuring explanation should be made about how the decision will be passed on to the child, the changes that will occur in the child’s life, when, where and how they can see their parents. In this session, information is given to measures to be taken before divorce, to convey the subject to the child and to make children less affected by this process in general. At the same time, since this study will be family-specific, studies will be conducted on solutions to a possible problem situation.

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