MeanIng OF LIFE Academy

“Meaning” is a concept that exists in life, is constantly sought and enjoyable when it is found.

A big question mark is when and where we can find it.

Consider a day that makes sense to you. What does it mean to you or what does it evoke  to you?

Think of a person who is meaningful to you. How does it feel to think about it?

A chat that makes sense to you when you’re in it. A profession that you enjoy while working and where you feel exactly like you and makes sense to you.

Objectives that you set for yourself, which are hard to reach but are also meaningful

A partner who makes you feel safe and happy and makes life meaningful to you while you are together.

Meaning is in life and everywhere. The effort to reach it is about how much responsibility people can take. The person who continues to search with responsibility will always be closer to reaching meaning.

In the life cycle, we can attain meaning from time to time, or we may lose it. People may begin to become psychologically weak, at the moments when the meaning disappears. The right thing to do at this point is to identify the reasons that are hindering you and to do a professional study on these issues.

In fact, making something meaningful is also learned by watching, as the way of building relationships is learned. But there may be differences between what we learn in life and what we really want. At this point, people may not feel safe and may have ideas that their lives are meaningless. When people find themselves struggling with meaninglessness, they may often have difficulty deciding which direction to go and which path is right or wrong.

MOL Academy provides professional therapies with people who experience various psychological problems due to loss of meaning during their lives. If you feel yourself in a meaningless life cycle, contact us for support. MOL Academy serves with professional therapists using various psychotherapeutic methods.