Sibling Jealousy in Children.


2 Hours

Session Content

You have an apple in your hand and you have two children waiting for it. Rightly, you cut the apple into two equal parts and give it to your children. But your kids don’t want half that apple, but the whole!

Children will always want to take full resources from the family and will always need even more. Children are fed and developed in this way. In this process, if you have had another child, a resource struggle may arise between the two children. The proximity of their age to each other can cause them to be directly proportional to the severity of the struggle between them. This process, conflicts and struggles among themselves are part of the natural process. It would be irrelevant to mention an abnormality here. But the important point here is how the process is managed by the mother and father. In this process, an unfair injustice or minor balance of irregularities can cause various destructions in the inner world of children. Such situations experienced during the development process may lead to some psychological problems in the future. Negative features may arise in his characteristic development, such as turning into an introverted nature, an insecure child, and an individual who cannot express his desires. In this session, a presentation will be made on the meaning and importance of the phenomenon of sibling in the development process. At the same time, studies will be conducted on the forms of communication of mothers, fathers and children within themselves. It is aimed to create permanent solutions for the problems experienced by families.

  • What are the causes of sibling jealousy?
  • What age difference should there be between siblings?
  • What are the negative effects of sibling jealousy?
  • What attitude should parents take towards sibling jealousy?
  • When does the period of sibling jealousy end?

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