Psychologist, MS


He graduated from Okan University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology in 2012. During his student years, he participated in field studies in various hospitals and municipal units. He completed his master’s degree at Nişantaşı University, and continues his Clinical Psychology Doctorate program at Doğuş University.

He is the founder of MOL (Meaning Of Life) Academy.

He completed the ‘The Introductory Course in Logotherapy’ training approved by the Viktor Frankl Institute and the ‘Academic Specialist in Logotherapy’ training approved by the Institute’s International Board of Directors and became the ‘International Logotherapist’.

He attended various training programs on attention problems, stress management, communication skills, and sexual therapy.

He completed the Dialectical Behavior Therapy program approved by the International Assocaiation of Therapists.

Completed the Cognitive Assesment System training program carried out by Istanbul University and obtained CAS Practitioner Certification.

He examined the satisfaction of adult individuals from bilateral relations, the satisfaction of individuals from daily activities, the effect of health problems and sociodemographic factors, in a study where he examined the causes of the existence of an existential vacuum (loss of meaning in life). (“Satistafactory factors to existential vacuum: Relationship satisfaction, the sense and the value in daily ocuupation, health and sociodemographic factors.” Thesis number: 438407).

Mert Özaydın is the founding member of the Child Psychology Association.